Finance Committee

Finance Committee

  1. The Finance Committee members are selected by the Area Officers and appointed by the Area Chairperson, ideally no later than the February ACM of the new panel.
  2. The Finance Committee is composed of the CNIA Treasurer, three current DCMs, and a Past Delegate.
  3. The Past Delegate serving on the Committee does not have a vote.
  4. This Committee chooses it own chairperson from the DCMs on the Committee.
  5. Any proposal of unbudgeted or unanticipatedfinancial impact (more than $300) must be presented to this Committee for consideration. The Committee will pass on its recommendation(s) to the Area Committee and/or Assembly as soon as possible.
  6. Additional duties of the Finance Committee include:
    • Conduct quarterly reviews of treasury reports, including bank statements, and report to Area Assemblies and Area Committee Meetings. Study any financial situation (e.g., taxes) of the Area.
    • Assist the Treasurer in developing the annual budget.
    • Stress the 7th Tradition and Self-Support in the Area.


Calendar Year

When Who/Where Action
June – even-numbered years Treasurer/Finance Committee at ACM Give Officers and Appointed Chairs estimated budget worksheets for their position.
June – odd-numbered years Estimate Officer and Appointed Chairs expense for next year by using average of last three years.
August Treasurer/Finance Committee at ACM Present a draft budget for review and discussion. Changes brought to September ACM.
September Treasurer/Finance Committee at ACM After September ACM, budget with changes published inAccents to be voted on at either Mini-PRAASA or Election Assembly.
October/November Treasurer/Finance Committee present budget to Assembly for approval. Publish approved budget in December Area Accents.
November/December Treasurer after Election Assembly makes adjustment in mileage based on new officers. Present changes at Winter Assembly. Presents adjusted budget based on elections to Winter Assembly for approval. This can be done as part of Treasurer’s Report.

An approved budget, sometimes referred to as spending plan, is in effect until replaced (in whole or in part) by another Assembly-approved action.

The Finance Committee has the discretionary authority to recommend increases to the ACM in budget line items and un-budgeted expenses they deem appropriate. These discretionary increases and expenditures must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the ACM, and the total of all increases and expenditures cannot exceed five percent (5%) of the approved budget expenditures for the year. This discretionary authority should be used when un-budgeted expenses that must be incurred for the proper conduct of area business arise and when there will be no Area Assembly before the funds have to be expended.